Zirconia blanks

Zirconia Blanks

Zirconia blanks in 16 Classic Vita Dentin shades

Zirconia is a high-translucency substructure material with high strength (1120 MPa), and is produced in 16 dentin colors (zA1-zD4), that when veneered with a 0.6 mm layer of non-chipping Enamel porcelain gives the exact shade. A a richer shade appears in locations where the porcelain layer is thinner and a lighter shade where the porcelain layer is thicker, exactly like natural teeth.

Primero Lab System
Primero Lab System

Zirconia blanks come in 16 cervical colors, that work together with universal Enamel porcelain to give the right buccal shade. The blanks are uniaxially  pressed, followed by isostatic pressing to give a minimal shrinkage and a high final precision.

Zirconia Hexblocks

Zirconia “Hexblocks” come in two widths, BRIDGE size (left, 7 units) and CROWN size (5 units).

Primero Lab System
Hexblock holder

This holder is used to clamp the Zirconia “Hexblock” and fits in the most important commercially availble CAD/CAM milling machines with a 98 mm clamping device. Because the Zirconia blanks are only pressed, without pre-sintering, the blanks are not brittle and the margin can easily be milled to a sharp edge without chipping. 

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