Stain Set

Stain Set 

Modification of Enamel porcelain

CAD/CAM restorations do not normaly need further individualisation. For certain cases and to replicate particular artifacts, individual accents may be needed. For individualisation and correction two kits are availble:

Artist Kit, een kit to modify the incisal layer of Primero restorations; 

Stain Set, een set van paste glaze colors to apply artefacts and corrections of Primero restorations.


Stain Set

Stain Set contains the following low melting colors: Base, Bright, White, Honey, Butter, Crême, Violet, Blue. The colors have a paste form and are packed in 4 gram bottles. The firing temperature is 780oC. The set is completed with a bottle of 20 ml of Stain Liquid.

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