Primero Lab System



ScanManager is a software package to handle all types of scans that are used for the imput for the design and manufacture dental restorations by CAD/CAM. The software is integrated with CyrtinaCAD40, WorkManager and AccountManager and handles all scandata that are generated by scanners on the market. Interested. Contact us.

  • New ScanManager is dependent on new version of ScanIt 3shape.
  • More cases can de entered for the same jaw after adjustments of ScanIt. Advantage of scanning the whole jaw one time for more restorations.
  • Check for size of restoration (< 8 elements).
  • More restorations indicated and available in file structure.
  • The reason for guarantee.
  • Status information, set OrderRef to mailorder name yyyymmdd-hhmmssG-center, FTP server: access to directory OrderState:: <Center>\<OrderState>. MailOrder: read from FTP server.
  • Wrap up in one file.
  • VNC icon on user screen instead as a separate Ico on the desk of the computer.
  • Possibility of making remark.
  • Status known to customer by FTP connection. Status can be: Send , Unknown (provider), Received, In-Production, Send.
  • Load multiple STL’s restorations.
  • Send mailbox, sbt above  sbm.
  • Download STL: multiple restoration.

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