Primero Lab System



Workmanager is used to integrate all stages in the process of production of dental restorations by dental CAD/CAM, from scan to final product.

  • Users can now take advantage of a simpler and more flexible workflow and have access to complete patient library.

  • The GUI does not should show useless bars, but follows the user and only shows the relevant functionality in an information block. 

  • The “ribbon” is the most important image and operation element in which functionality and graphic blocks are presented in a group.

  • Example Patient Information starting screen contains 100% overview.

  • The system provides data storage to exchange patient information fast and adequate.

  • The system prevents overtreatment of the patient

  • The system provides all information at all times for several care providers.

  • The system is secured against spionage and theft.

  • Delivery note is made with: Client, Patient, Product, Order number (barcode), 3D representation

  • From the daily Delivery notes ones or twice a month invoices are calculated. 
  • In case of a guarantee or a double delivery only once calculated or credited on a Credit Note
  • A monthly summary of deliveries are reported.
  • A monthly invoice is generated for each customer including Credit Notes
  • Identification of operator during printing of the delivery note after it has been checked
  • An invoice per client is produced in monthly or half monthly (15th day) intervals.
  • A reminder can be generated for invoices overdue
  • When the invoice is paid then Commission Notes can be generated
  • The turnover per customer is calculated and tabularised in a Summary.
  • Turnover in units per color
  • Summary is a dynamic overview with regard to new.