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Access Portal for Dental Informatics, Computerized Dentistry and Dental CAD/CAM






The potential impact of computerized dentistry, including dental CAD/CAM and the internet is still widely underestimated. Although the industry has remained unscatched by the custom dental device e-commerce revolution so far, this situation cannot remain forever. There are gross inefficiencies in the dental market which need to be overcome to make business easier and more flexible. The growth of the custom dental device outsource industry, and lessons learnt from the .com bust is a first indication. To face the current challenges with regard to computerized dentistry, dental informatics, the computer dental patient record, dental outsourcing and dental care, potential benefits of e-commerce for the dental industry the Internet Portal DentalXS was developed providing a platform for integrating science, industry, consultation and support services so that the users and members of the site achieve their full e-commerce potential to encourage collaborative computerized dentistry. It also provides information on projects in computer aided implantology, orthodontics, prosthodontics and other areas of dental informatics.

DentalXS is the official website for the Orestes foundation, a non-profit organization of dedicated scientists, technicians and practitioners who strive the correct utilization of computerized dentistry by research and education for the benefit of the patient.

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