Cognitive Histo-Anatomic Design

Crown for front tooth

Primero Lab System crown build-up

Primero crowns have a two layer build-up, like natural teeth, that consist of a core of cervical dentin color, covered by an almost clear incisal. The color of a natural tooth is mainly due to the dentin core, and the color is like it “comes from within“. During CAD design the dentin-enamel interface (GBO), which location depends on the age of the patient, needs to be considered, also called “histo-anatomic” design. The interface shows a definite “S-curve” on the palatal side of the crown.

Crown for molar tooth

Primero Lab System

The dentin-enamel interface (GBO) in molars are also not following the outer contour, as most CAD software programs assume. On the bucal side of the crown, the interface shows a “S-curve.” Where the enamel is thicker at 2/3 of the height of the crown there is a lighter color band. This natural phenomenon will also appear on a Primero crown. In convential layering by hand th technician has to add this lighter shade band himself.