3 STEP Porcelain Application

Primero Lab System


3STEP Porcelain Application

In contrast with other CAD/CAM veneering systems, DVS1, CAD-On2 and Rapid Layer3, the Primero Lab System of DENTALXS.COM applies the enamel porcelain directly on the zirconia, without an intermediate connection layer, in order to simulate natural light transmission through the dentin-enamel interface and the color “from the inside out.

  1. Clamp transferblock (TB) in the milling machine and mill the space for the porcelain and the zirconia substructure in the transferblockPlace Primero zirconia substructure on the die(s) in the transferblock.
  2. Fill block with superfluid Primero Universal Enamel Paste Porcelain on a vibratory table and dry the porcelain with microwave at low power, to get shrinkage from the inside out.
  3. Mill the porcelain (5-axis) to its final and complete contour. Take crown from die and fire porcelain as usual.

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