Primero Lab System

Cyrtina Academy

On October 12th 2007 Cyrtina Academy was opened by the director of the Dutch Healthtec Academy, the school for dental technicians in the Netherlands. Courses in CAD/CAM lead to a “Dentician Certificate“. The two courses at the moment are Primero Lab System Workshop and Finishing Primero Restoration

Several workshops on Finishing Primero Restorations were given. The focus in these workshops is on the use of the Primero Artist Set and the Primero Stain Set set for the final individualization of Primero restorations if this is required.

Cyrtina Academy offers courses the following courses:

1. Primero Lab System Workshop

2. Finishing Primero Restorations

Primero Lab System Workshop

To implement with Primero veneering, Cyrtin Academy developed a course for laboratories, to get more familiar with the histo-anatomic design of Primero restorations and an introduction into the use of Primero specific Sum3D millbox software for the calculation of milling paths.

Materials and method:

Primero procedures will be covered in detail. The particular material properties, as far as they effect their behavior during processing.C


Finishing Primero Restorations

The build-up op a natural tooth is an enamel layer of average 0.6 mm thickness. Light passes  through the translucent Primero Enamel porcelain layer and reflects and difuses on the interface between enamel  and dentin. You will get famiiar with the use of Primero Artist Set and Primero “Build & Paint” Paste Porcelain Set.


Cyrtina Academy holds conferences in the Schouwburg Het Park in Hoorn, The Netherlands. Past conferences had themes “New developments in crown and bridgework by CAD/CAM” and “Crowns and bridges on implants by CAD/CAM.”

Webinar  “Boundaries of Ceramics in Dentistry

Cyrtina Academy Webinar

Title: Boundaries of Ceramics

Subtitle: Clinical implications of material properties explored

Speaker: Prof.dr.ir. Jef van der Zel. From 1977 to 2007, Jef van der Zel was involved in research into alloys and metal ceramics, press and sinter ceramics at Elephant-Dentsply. He is seen as one of the pioneers of dental CAD/CAM, a. o. in the field of CAD software, desktop scanning, virtual articulation and guided implant planning. In 2004 he became a special professor of Computerized Dentistry at the University of Amsterdam. Research focused on histo-anatomic ceramic crowns and bridges with CAD/CAM (“Primero“).

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International Dental CAD/CAM Ceramics & Technology Consultancy

International Consult on know-how of dental porcelain and zirconia block manufacture, CAD/CAM source programs and technology. DENTALXS CONSULT offers consultancy on exclusive and unique know-how to interested manufacturers and other market players. Information: Dr. Jef van der Zel, Chief Executive Officer of DENTALXS CONSULT.
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