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CYRTINA® Open Dental CAD/CAM Software and Dental Ceramics

Cyrtina®CAD40 is an open dental design software platform (Embarcadero® for a wide range of applications such as cemented and implant-supported crowns and bridges implant guides etc. Its development started in 1988 and was the first CAD/CAM software on the market to be used in a production environment en in dental laboratories. We are looking for partnerships to optimize the software to add more applications.

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Dental design software


Software for the integration of production- and scandata for teh production of restorations


Softwarepackage for the integration of patient specific orders from acceptance of the scanorder to the reception of the restoration at the clinic.


Software to handle different scans

Primero frontal crown
Primero crowns and bridges
Color from within
No chipping of porcelain