DENTALXS CONSULT exclusive and unique CAD/CAM ceramics and technology know-how


DENTALXS CONSULT in Hoorn-NL offers exclusive and uniqueknow-how on dental CAD/CAM ceramics and technologie, based on 40 years experience. One of the developments was a process for the automatic production of veneered zirconia crowns and bridges and Enamel porcelain and Zirconia blanks. The restorations produces with this process have a unique two layer design, whereby the natural color gradients are created by reflection of light on the dentin-colored zirconia core with the 2Hue color system. Due to the special properties of Enamel porcelain, is a convincing alternative to monolithic zirconia restorations. After the production of 45,000 units in the last 6 years, she discontinued her production activities on March 1st, 2019, due to special circumstances. DENTALXS CONSULT (Dr. Jef van der Zel, t. +31(0)620687031), who is the rightful and primary owner of all intellectual property is making her comprehensive and complete know-how available for investors, manufacturers, start-ups and other interested parties, as an exclusive and unique worldwide know-how.

DENTALXS CONSULT consultancy fees are within normal travel and hour declarations.

This exclusive and unique know-how includes:

CYRTINA CAD/CAM software source:

  • Clearly written C++ Builder software sources: CyrtinaCAD40 for inlays, onlays, veneers, crowns, multi-unit bridges, implant crowns and bridges (10+ platforms), Demo, HelpDesk, STL, MailReader, FloorManager, MailOrder, PathBuilder, PathMill, PathViewer, ScanManager, TestDocking, TrayCalender, WorkManager, KeyManager
  • Documentation: Software requirement specifications, software change requests, flow diagrams  

Production method of non-chipping (20 years) zirconia porcelain:

  • Glass frit formulations (three basic frits and a glaze)
  • Milling, screening and mixing know-how
  • Coloring formulations, pigment pre-concentrates: Primero® Enamel (1), 3Ddentines (26), 3Dopaquedentine (26), 3Dpasteopaque(26), individualcolors (15), intensiveopaques (6), actionIdentines (6), bleachcolor (1), bleachopaquedentincolors (9), dentinecolors (16), paste  opaquecolors (16), gumshades (7), incisals (4), Xtraincisals (8), shouldercolors (13), opalincisals (9), pressceramic (7).
  • Enamel Paste, paste opaque and pressceramic formulations and production know-how

Production of recyclable zirconia blanks:

  • Vertical pressing and isostatic pressing procedures
  • Zirconia powder preparation and color recipes: dentine shades (16), light shades (3).
  • Recycling and re-use of zirconia from processed zirconia blanks

CAD/CAM production method:

  • Patented production method using air-bubble-free, low-shrinkage, thixotropic porcelain paste
  • Patent (US 8,828,287) and new patent application in progress
  • Scan-body library for most commercially available implants

Extensive documentation:

  • Quality manuals and product dossiers (including CE and FDA certification)
  • Quality plans and procedures, work instructions

Two year consultancy by dr. Jef van der Zel:

  • Instruction of personnel
  • Software modification guidance
  • Quality procedures (CE) and registrations


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