Primero® Lab System


Primero Lab System


PRIMERO is an acronym for Prosthetic Mimetic Restoration, because the crown build-up is an exact copy of the natural teeth of the patient. The Primero restoration consist of two layers, a substructure of zirconia with the anatomical contour of natural dentine and a layer of transparant hydrothermal porcelain incisal, with the hardness of natural enamel. The dentine is shaded as a dentin according to the VITA Classical guide. The 2Hue® colormodel assures the exact tooth color where the thickness of the Primero Enamel incisal layer is 0.6 mm.


3 Step porcelain application

The Primero® Lab System was developed for automatic porcelain veneering of zirconia by CAD/CAM. The porcelain layer provides high clinical performance with chip-resistance and natural aesthetics and abrasion against antagonists. The 3 STEP Porcelain Application can directly be implemented in the daily milling operation. Because of the histo-anatomic design, Primero® restorations manifest color gradients, that can also be seen in natural teeth and individualisation without extra effort.

Primero Enamel porcelain sets

Primero restorations normaly do not need further individualisation, because of enamel thickness color gradients. For certain cases and for teeth with particular artifacts, individual accents may be needed. For individividualisation and correction two kits are availble:

Primero Artist Kit, een kit to modify the incisal layer of Primero restorations. The Primero Artist Set with 12 modifiers (dentine and incisal modifiers) to control the individual brightness and to fulfil the highest demands in the art of layering after Hans-Jürgen Joit, ZTM..  

Primero Stain Set, a set with most used paste glaze colors to apply artefacts and final corrections of Primero restorations.

Primero Artist Set [12]:
  • Primero Enamel Standard [1], 25 gram

  • Primero Enamel Clear [1], 25 gram 

  • Primero Dentin X-tra Incisals [6]: 1A2, 3A4. 1B2, 3B4, 1C2, 3C4, 25 gram

  • Primero Effect incisals [4]: Honey, Butter, Crême, Violet, 25 gram

  • Primero Carving Liquid, 50 ml. 

Frequently asked questions

Primero Lab System is a laboratory technique to veneer zirconia by CAD/CAM.

The cost of porcelain and the transferblock is less than the cost to individualize a monolithic zirconia crown.

Anyone with a 5-axis dental milling machine can use the Primero Lab System to veneer zirconia.

Primero Lab System is a method to efficiently make esthetic crowns and bridges. Contact Us

Our clients say

"Primero Lab System is a clever system to veneer zirconia wihout the traditional laborious work of a ceramist."
Hilary Leigh
Dental technician/ Dentician
"In our lab we make many monolithic zirconia restorations, but in the visible area the Primero Lab System is better."
Hall Read
Dental technician/Dentician
"Wth the Primero Lab System, I can reduced the time to individualize, especially front restorations, to a minimum".
Quintin Angus
Dental technician/Dentician
"The clinical performance of Primero veneered zirconia restorations is very impressive."
Jillie Tempest

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