Sakura Interaction porcelain

Sakura interaction

Choice of sub-structure (indication)
Sakura Interaction is the low expanding, low-melting
dental ceramic for zircon oxide sub-structures.
Sakura Interaction can be easily fired on zircon
oxide sub-structures with a thermal expansion coefficient between 10.0 and 10.6 µm/m.K (25-500°C).
Metal, alumina or glass-infiltrated zirconia sub-structures.
If patients are known to be allergic to any of the
components, the material should not be applied.
Rx only

Controlled interaction
Sakura Interaction is the new low-expanding, low-melting generation of controlled-interativity ceramics
for zircon oxide sub-structures. With this ceramic,
it is possible to prepare a restoration which exhibits
precise control over the light and colour characteristics
once it has been placed in the patient’s mouth.
The layering structure consisting of previously applied
masses creates a natural interaction of opalescence
and fluorescence. With this intelligent type of
ceramics, the restoration reflects every incidence
of light as naturally as a normal tooth would.

Sakura Interaction

Control and precision
The layering structure is created in the usual way. The dental technician can exercise precise control over the restoration’s layers, ensuring that the result
meets all requirements. The highly pragmatic and simple organisation of the harmonised system of colours and powders is reflected in all the components of our product range, the ceramic powders (jar labels), the layer organiser and the layering instructions.

The interaction of fluorescence, opalescence, colour and light yields
natural aesthetics
With its functional, layered structure, Sakura Interaction has a natural look. Consequently, all layers, whether deep in the restoration or close to the roots are fluorescent, while the remaining layers are predominantly transparent and opalescent. This functional division of properties – where properties are geared to one another precisely – makes this patented system unique and gives rise to the interplay (interaction) that occurs automatically in normal structures. As a result, crowns have a completely natural appearance.


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